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The SSNM is an organization of energetic members that are passionate about Food Service. The Society keeps it’s members up to date with publications, events and conferences. Our website is the hub of all the latest SSNM news.
A qualified member has much to offer any employer. This individual is part of the nutrition management team and is constantly involved with the day to day operation of the Food and Nutrition department providing the much needed link between administrative and foodservice personnel. The role of this manager is to incorporate education and experience in coordinating and supervising operations of the foodservice department; to provide quality, economical meal service, direct patient/client care and customer service.
A qualified SSNM member is trained in problem solving and is capable of quick and accurate decisions when necessary with a working knowledge of all duties performed by all employees.
There is a need for qualified professional nutrition managers, as every organization needs continuing leadership and direct supervision by trained personnel. This is the only answer to an efficient well-run and quality controlled department in any organization – whether it be hospital, institution, or industry.
Increasing demands in the delivery of health care have led to the employment of members in many phases of the health care and food service industries. The emphasis on cost control, quality assurance and client/customer service, accreditation, and safe food handling requires the qualifications of a member of the Saskatchewan Society of Nutrition Management.

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