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SSNM Membership

SSNM 40th Anniversary Celebration
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become an active member?

A: You will be granted tentative approval pending:

  1. submission of your SSNM application form

  2. payment of the $75.00 membership fee

Final approval will be granted by the Board of Directors


Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A: The SSNM offers its members many advantages:

  • You are recognized by your employer as having met certain requirements of education and experience.

  • You belong to a provincial Society which is growing each year and which is continually working on your behalf to upgrade and maintain the profession’s standards.

  • You have the opportunity to attend educational conferences at member rates and meet with other members of your profession annually to exchange ideas, experiences and common concerns.

  • You may hold office and directly participate in ideas and goals of the Society.

  • You receive a certificate of membership.

  • You receive educational material including Nutrition Management Today, the official newsletter of the SSNM. The newsletter features topical issues and news of the Society’s activities.

Q: Why become a corporate member?

A: Corporate members will enjoy:

  • the opportunity to promote their business’s products and services to potential clients

  • the opportunity for businesses to identify themsleves with SSNM, it’s standards of excellence and it’s goals

  • the opportunity for businesses to provide program input for SSNM educational programs

  • networking opportunities at the SSNM Spring Education Day

Q: What is my role as an active member of the SSNM?

A: In order to assist you in being an active member, the SSNM recommends you do the following:

  • Remit your annual membership renewal fees by March 31st of each year to the treasurer

  • .

    Register for the Spring conference in advance and by the deadlines indicated
  • Assist the Conference organizers by indicating any topics or suggested speakers you would be interested in for future conferences

  • Communicate with any of the SSNM Board Members when you have suggestions, concerns or any issues you would like addressed

  • Participate at the General Membership meetings. Promote discussion, question reports, ensure you have clarification to your satisfaction

  • Volunteer to sit on committees, assist with organizing conferences, or any other requests that may be asked of you by the Board of Directors

  • Should you be unable to attend the General Meetings exercise your right by using your proxy vote

  • Consider to let your name stand for whichever Board position you would be interested in

  • Submit items for publication in Nutrition Management Today, the SSNM newsletter

  • Acknowledge the advertisers through your sales representative for their support of the newsletter. Let them know you are a member of SSNM and if feasible purchase products and services through them.

  • Should you change your name,address, or place of employment, notify the Secretary/Membership Chariperson as soon as possible

  • Notify the Secretary/Membership Chairperson of your intention to Resign in Good Standing by written notification

  • Actively promote SSNM to your employer, co-workers, peers and encourage others to become members in whichever classification

  • Always act in a professional manner and be a positive representative of our profession

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